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Fashion 101 For Ravers

Posted by ARNOLD YU on March 31, 2009.

There’s always an appropriate outfit for every occasion. You wouldn’t show up at a cocktail party in a wife beater and Dickies shorts (hopefully). You probably would, however, show up at a rave in the very same outfit and blend right in. But is that what you really want- to blend right in? Or do you want to kick up your outfit another notch and add some style?

This is where glow sticks and glow accessories come in. Consider them a form of fine jewelry. They’re available in every color imaginable so you can color coordinate with any outfit. There are rings, necklaces, finger lights, mouthpieces, and even glasses so you can brighten up any (or all) parts of your body.

And as with all jewelry, there are the high end and low end products. To be sure that you’re decked out with only top quality glow sticks and accessories that will never disappoint you, be sure to get your goods at it’s where I’ve been shopping for years. They not only offer the best quality, the best prices, and free shipping- but they’ve got everything a raver could ever want or need.

Dance culture isn’t just about dancing; it’s about doing it with style. Get your glow gear now and stand out at the next rave.


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