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Electric Daisy Carnival on June 26th and 27th @ The World Famous L.A Coliseum

Posted by ARNOLD YU on April 21, 2009.

Close your eyes and imagine this. You gather your rave stuff, your LED rave lights, your ticket, and your buddies and head over to the LA Memorial Coliseum, for an event that is predicted to be one of the largest dance music gatherings in Los Angeles.

Immediately upon entering, your senses go on circuit overload. Your eyes struggle to take in the countless carnival rides, games, and the colorful sea of people dancing. Your ears are entranced by the music of world famous DJs spinning on five different stages. And, finally, your body begins to move on its own as you begin your two day adventure at the one, the only, Electric Daisy Carnival.

This year, EDC will be a two day event, going from Friday June 26th to Saturday June 27th. So far, the preliminary list of DJs is anything but disappointing. On Friday, we have ATB flying in from Germany, and Paul Oakenfold coming from the UK. On Saturday, be prepared for Fat Boy Slim as he tears it up at the DJ booth, Benny Benassi as he delivers complete “satisfaction” to all his fans, and David Guetta as he brings the Hollywood flavor to the stage. And this all-star cast is only the beginning- more DJs will be released soon! We’ll keep you updated here at so stay tuned!

Remember to get your tickets early for this event, and also remember to stock up on your rave gear beforehand! We’ve all been to raves where we’ve been ripped off by glow stick vendors, haven’t we?

Do EDC the right way this time and buy your glow gear beforehand here at, where we will give you the best prices, service, products- basically, the best everything! And free shipping!

Before and after June 26th, this event will be what all dance music lovers are raving about. Get ready for the wildest ride of your life, at this year’s Electric Daisy Carnival!

ATB-Summer Rain a perfect song for EDC!

Paul Oakenfold-Zoo York for all you “Requiem for a Dream” fans

Benny Benassi-Who’s Your Daddy(David Guetta remix) This is one of the best remixes ever!


  1. Laura Dodd February 13, 2012

    Hi, by any chance were you or someone you know, at the Electronic Daisy Carnival in 2010? I work for a NBC news television program and I’m trying to find people who were there and would be available for an interview? Please let me know, I’d really appreciate it! Thanks.

  2. foeshoith May 14, 2010

    thanks! :)

    lets write them until the admit it, or stop doing it! i am writing them now!


  3. garrett calderon May 12, 2010

    EDC was cool n all. but last year it was wayyyyy too crowded >.< so to save myself from that cluster ill be at fresh squeezed in early july!

  4. kaycie March 07, 2010

    hi i want to buy tickets, but how do i do that

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