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Glow Sticks Light The Way For Marine Biologists

Posted by ARNOLD YU on June 22, 2009.

Glow sticks. We’re all familiar with the little tubes of neon brilliance that we use to create hypnotizing works of art at dance events.

But did you know that glow sticks are used throughout the world for other purposes than recreational ones?

Let’s move away from the dance scene, crowds of people, and massives, where you’d typically expect to see glow products being used. Imagine you’re a marine biologist, swimming in the deep depths of the ocean in search of new species. You have an underwater flashlight, but it’s too strong and prevents any possible species interaction. It also prevents you from going too deep, since it might burst from the pressure.

That’s where the glow stick kicks in. There’s literally no end to the benefits of using glow sticks underwater! They run on the chemical reactions within the tube, and therefore require no electricity or battery power. They are waterproof, and can withstand high pressures- which would certainly present a problem for other types of underwater lighting equipment. They are inexpensive and disposable. And most importantly, the chemoluminescence provides a subtle light that doesn’t scare fish and other marine life away.

Of course, we know that the majority of you reading this article are probably not marine biologists- but do you have to be one to enjoy the water? No way! As summer kicks in, there will be plenty of chances to go night diving, scuba diving, and snorkeling. Make sure you aren’t caught “short-sighted” (literally!) without your glow products by going to and purchasing them today. We always offer lowest prices, top quality customer service, and the best products you will find anywhere- land and sea.

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