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Attention Parents: Kids Love To Play With Glow Sticks From!

Posted by ARNOLD YU on June 28, 2009. has an endless variety of customers- including parents! If you’re a parent who hasn’t yet discovered the enjoyment glow sticks can bring to your kids, this is the article for you.

First of all, if there was even a “kid-friendly” toy, this is it. A glow stick operates on chemo-luminescence, which means the “glow” is produced within the tube from a chemical reaction between three chemical solutions- safely contained in a thick plastic tube.

There are no batteries or electricity involved, and thus, each glow stick is fire and shock hazard free.

Second, glow sticks are actually used as a safety tool for parents to keep an eye on their kids. It’s a fact that kids are going to love going out at night, whether its’ playing outside in a campsite, running around the neighborhood playing tag, or exploring in the backyard. Glow sticks provide light so you can easily spot your children, wherever they are in the dark.

And last, but not least, kids LOVE them. There is no end to the different colors and styles of glow accessories available here at Glow sticks come in every color of the rainbow. There are eyeglasses, necklaces, bracelets- every accessory a child could dream of, we carry.

There’s just something about the bright neon glow that every child loves, and I’m sure each parent can recall their own childhood excitement when their own parents bought them a glow necklace at Disneyland or another theme park!

The bottom line is that glow sticks and products are loved by children and adults alike. With proper use and supervision, glow sticks will provide endless hours of fun for both you and your children. Order your glow products now at so you, too, can share in the fun and enjoyment of glow technology!


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