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90,000 People At Electric Daisy Carnival In Los Angeles Saturday June 27, 2009 Day 2

Posted by ARNOLD YU on July 02, 2009.

This event was so massive I had to split up the article in parts; here is Day 2 of the Electric Daisy Carnival. After getting a good night rest, I ate a delicious lunch with my friends at Bay Cities in Santa Monica, and then we got ready for round 2 of the most electrifying night our lives. Right before we were about to get in I started getting butterflies in my stomach because I was extremely excited to see David Guetta, Benny Benassi, Kaskade, and all the other DJ’s that were going to be spinning there. My friends and I knew the drill, get into the main dance floor of the coliseum before it got way too packed. But being packed was an understatement, a ridiculous 90,000 people attended this event and security had to block off the main dance floor.

Later, my friends and I ran into my friend DJ Bruske and hung out with him and his friends but we ended up losing them in sea of people.

The music was amazing and I can honestly say that Day 2 was better than Day 1 of Electric Daisy Carnival.

After seeing people give light shows and also give a few of my own, my friends and I settled down in the bleachers and listened to the great music that was being played. EPIC, is the word that best describes this event and people that attended this event would agree with me. If you have never been to one of these events, I suggest you check it out at least once in your life time because it’s not every day you get to party with 90,000 other people all in the same place. I had one of the best times of my life just hanging out with friends, dancing, meeting new people, and listening to amazing music spun by the DJ’s. Now I leave you with pictures and videos from the last night of one of the greatest events in dance history!

Electric Daisy Carnival – The Movie

Electric Daisy Carnival 2009

Electric Daisy Carnival Day 2

Electric Daisy Carnival Day 2 Cont.

Electric Daisy Carnival Day 2 Cont. Michael Jackson – Rock With You and Fireworks!

Electric Daisy Carnival Day 2 Cont. Techno Strobe El Wire Light Show!

Electric Daisy Carnival Day 2 Cont.

Electric Daisy Carnival Day 2 Cont.

David Guetta – The World is Mine EDC 2009

90,000 People Attended EDC 2009!!!

Markus Schulz at Electric Daisy Carnival

Shuffle Dance at EDC 2009

RAV’N Bullet Light Show at Electric Daisy Carnival 2009

Sander van Doorn At Electric Daisy Carnival 2009 Day 2

Groove Armada At Electric Daisy Carnival 2009 Day 2

David Guetta At EDC 2009!!

Cosmic Gate – Not Enough Time At Electric Daisy Carnival 2009

Kyau & Albert at Electric Daisy Carnival 2009

Kaskade – Angel on my Shoulder EDC 2009

Electric Daisy Carnival 2009

DJ Bruske and His Lovely Girlfriend

“I just can’t get enough! Let’s make it a week-long event next year Insomniac!”
- DJ Bruske

PVD & David Guetta


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