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Free Gift Special For The Holidays Only At RaveStuff

Posted by ARNOLD YU on December 18, 2009.

Ravestuff is celebrating the holidays this year by offering FREE GIFTS!

Here’s how our holiday special program works:

There are three tiers to the program. If you spend at least $20, you get a free Strobing LED Microlight Keychain!

If you spend at least $40, you receive a free Strobing LED Microlight keychain AND an E-Lite Badge!

And finally, if you spend at least $60, you get a Strobing LED Microlight Keychain, an E-Lite Badge AND a Vertiglo Kinetic Animation Watch!

These gifts are great stocking stuffers, and especially with New Year’s Celebrations coming up, there’s no better time to order your glow gear than now! Stock up for Giant New Years and TAO early. If you follow Ravestuff on Twitter, you’ll also get a special Twitter Promo Code for even MORE savings!

Let us brighten your holidays. Order your glow gear from the home of the best products, service and prices

Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Wizards in Winter Christmas with Glow Sticks!

42,000 Christmas LED Lights Dance to Coca Cola Holiday Song

Christmas Lights Gone Wild


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