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The New Mac SPIN For DJ's By Vestax

Posted by ARNOLD YU on January 27, 2010.

For all you Mac and Electronic music lovers, here’s a new device that will make your eyes twinkle and fingers itch! The new “SPIN”, manufactured by Vestax, is a one stop shop for your DJ hardware and software. Vestax has been around for 25 years, specializing in DJ equipment for up and coming DJs (like DJ Bruske) as well as top superstars like Tiesto!

The Spin controller is an all in one package that gives you total control to mix, scratch and play music like the professionals. Integrate it with your iTunes library and easily drags tracks from iTunes onto the virtual decks in seconds. The interface imitates a basic deck/mixer station, and comes with a built in sound-card that you can play straight into a sound system!

This bundle of music lover’s joy costs around 400 dollars – but considering the price of regular turntables, it’s a steal. If you’re a beginning DJ, I’d definitely recommend the SPIN from Vestax- it allows you to create professional beats and mixes in seconds, without the hard work!

Want more info? Check it out at

Vestax “SPIN” used at a club

SPIN” by Vestax Now Available in Apple Stores!


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