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Glow Sticks - A Look At Our Favorite Glow Product

Posted by ARNOLD YU on February 03, 2010.

Glow sticks are by far the most popular and versatile glow product in the world. Dance lovers use glow sticks to give light shows at festivals. Forest rangers use glow sticks to illuminate dark hiking trails in national parks. Marine biologists use glow sticks to explore the wildlife at the deepest depths of the sea. Even parents are turning to glow sticks to keep their children visible and safe when playing outdoors at night!

Chemiluminescence, the use of a chemical reaction to induce light, has been around since before the 70’s. Naval scientists were especially interested in finding a way to utilize glow sticks underwater, and the US navy actually holds several patents for “glow stick” like products today.

How Glow Sticks Work

How do these little tubes create such electrifying colors? It’s simple. There are three liquids within each glow stick : hydrogen peroxide, phenyl oxalate ester, and a fluorescent dye of whatever color the glow stick will be. When you snap your glow stick, the fluids react and release energy. This energy is absorbed by the fluorescent dye, which then produces the brilliant shine that you is the “glow” in each glow stick.

Glow Stick Trick

The all time favorite trick to do with glow sticks, perfect for beginners, is the figure 8. First, you take your hands and practice making the figure eight in the are with your leading hand. Bend your elbow slightly, and move only your wrist. You should be forming the figure in a clockwise direction. Repeat several times before adding the sticks! For a visual tutorial, click here.

Join us in celebrating the all time favorite accessory of the dance community- the glow stick has been around for decades, and it continues to reign as the icon of the dance community. We have jumbo, standard, mini, and LED glow sticks in all colors- get yours today!

Figure 8 Tutorial

Figure 8 with Strings


  1. yvonne susilo March 13, 2010

    I do flowers centerpieces for tables.
    Can I put the glow ice cubes in a clear tall vases and put water in it?
    Can i buy selected color to go along with the color theme?
    Let me know.


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