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Use Glow Sticks At The 2010 Major League Baseball Games To Support Your Favorite Team

Posted by ARNOLD YU on June 22, 2010.

The Lakers parade today in Los Angeles finalized the end of an amazing basketball season.  Now with the World Cup 2010 in South Africa panning out, which sport can you root for!?  Well, its also baseball season and you can root for your home or favorite team at the game by using glow sticks that correspond to your team's color!  Imagine the whole Pavillion filled with bright glow sticks to show your team spirit!

So whether you're a Dodgers fan or a Boston Red Sox fan, there will always be a color to represent your team and your kids will love it too!  Glow sticks are especially a perfect fit for summer night games, with glow sticks lighting up the black night, while you root for your favorite team. What more can you ask for right?  So when you go to a baseball game this summer, do it right, and show support for your team by lighting up the stadium with  their colors!







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