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Celebrate 4th Of July 2010 With Glow Products From RaveStuff

Posted by ARNOLD YU on June 29, 2010.

 Summer is finally settling in and walking around with shorts and a t-shirt on at night never felt so good!  So with BBQ's, pool parties, summer music festivals, and of course 4th of July!  And what can make fourth of July more patriotic then getting Red, White, and Blue Glow Sticks or Tri-Color Glow Necklaces from! It's good to hang out with friends and family and have a good time, but we shouldn't forget the true importance of this holiday- it's when we as a nation got our independance from Great Britain and the Declaration of Independance went into effect!  Also, we shouldn't forget about all the soliders over seas fighting in the war so that we can keep all of us living on U.S soil safe from any attacks. 

So, have a safe, yet fun, 4th of July and remember- let Rave Stuff keep you lit up at night wherever you are celebrating our nation's greatest holiday this weekend!









4th of July Fireworks at Disneyland


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