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TRON Controllers With Built In LED Lights Will Be Available September 2010

Posted by ARNOLD YU on July 07, 2010.

TRON Legacy is expected to be one of the Biggest Blockbuster's of 2010! Many people are anxiously awaiting to see how the CGI technology has helped this sequel of the 1982 remake stand out in 3-D!  But die hard fans aren't the only ones riding the TRON Legacy band wagon, multiple electronic and toy companies are hoping on with them!  Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony are making custom controllers that have blue LED lights that light up the controller!  These controllers were just released at the E3 convention last week, and they look absolutely marvelous.  Imagine playing HALO or Modern Warfare in the dark and the only thing to light up your room is the game and your awesome TRON controller with Blue LED lights!

I'm going to be honest, I haven't seen TRON yet.  But one thing is for sure- I'm going to buy these TRON blue LED controllers for my XBOX 360!  TRON Legacy looks pretty awesome, I'm sure Disney won't disappoint.  So, if you want to make your gaming system look even more futuristic; these are definitely the controllers you need to pick up to make it happen!


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