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Electric Daisy Carnival 2010 In Los Angeles, CA Causes A City Wide Moratorium On Raves

Posted by ARNOLD YU on July 08, 2010.

The Electric Daisy Carnival 2010 in Los Angeles is being called negligent after a 15 year old girl passed away that was attending this event.  An estimated 120 people were also rushed to the emergency room that night- and Los Angeles city officials are taking immediate action.  Los Angeles County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky has asked for a rave moratorium (an indefinite ban) on Electric Daisy Carnival and future scheduled raves in Los Angeles, CA, and the Commissioning president of the Los Angeles Coliseum, Barry A. Sanders, told his staff not to arrange any further events until they meet with city officials on July 16, 2010.  So as of now, no raves are to be held in Los Angeles; and a "rave" is constituted as a dance party with electronic music!

Although we aren't happy about the decision, city officials had to take quick and harsh action before things got blown out of proportion.  We'll see how things unfold in the next couple of months, with Love Festival in Los Angeles, CA a little more than a month away- the longest running music festival in Los Angeles is in jeopardy.  How pissed must Reza and his GO Ventures team be right now, at Pasquale and his Insomniac team?!  Not only is the city pissed, but the Los Angeles Hospital emergency rooms were filled up with teenagers and adults in critical conditions,and a 15 year old girl passed away.

So what should be the solution for this act of carelessness from the event hosts and the party goers?  Should we raise the age limit?  Not sell as many tickets?  More Security?  Or just no more Raves in Los Angeles?  Let us know what you think is the solution to make things better.  You be the judge. 



                                          Courtesy of (photo by Raymond L. Roker)

CEO of Insomniac Pasquale Rotella at EDC 2010 In Los Angeles, CA

EDC 2010 rush and fence hopping



  1. d July 12, 2010

    i believe people now and days just dont know their limit. its not tht they need more security!! i was there at edc 2010 and many of them were crooks!! they didnt care what was going on! i was in the feild at one point trying to get out and some of the gaurds didnt know the exit!! shows that they had good communication!! couple of kids were arguing in front of a gaurd and the security gaurd never came over to break it up before it turned in a fight! and little before the fight broke out!! there were many of the security gaurds hitting on girls and just picking up!! before i left i need directions for a freeway they didnt even know their way around!! what the fuck were they there for!! to have fun for free!! well not for free cuz other than us that we paid!! they got paid! to act stupid!! i had lots of fun dont get me wrong but i just think if anything wrong would have happened these crook gaurds would have been no help at all!! WE NEED BETTER LAW ENFORCEMENT!! THATS MY OPINION! THANKS FOR YOUR TIME! AND I HOPE THIS WAS A BIG HELP

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