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Free Ravers Digest 10 Year Anniversary Issue - Released On June 25, 2010

Posted by ARNOLD YU on July 15, 2010.

The highly anticipated Ravers Digest 10 Year Anniversary Issue just hit the streets of Los Angeles on June 25, 2010 at Electric Daisy Carnival,  and it's definitely become a hot commodity in the electronic dance community!  It has been at least half a decade since an issue has been published but now its back in full force!  What makes these magazines so highly prized over the other Electronic Dance Music magazines out there?  Well its simple- its rarity has made it a collectors item! 

I know people that have these magazines displayed on plaques in their homes, and is proud to be a sponsor of Ravers Digest this year.  The new issue covers high profile events such as: Coachella, Love Festival in Las Vegas, Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, Amnesia in Ibiza, and many more!  So, if you want a free issue of the new Ravers Digest with your order, just call us and let us know you want a FREE copy with your order and we'll be more than glad to send it to you!  Also, there's special coupon codes in there that you'll find useful!  Once again, Congratulations Ravers Digest, for your 10 Year Anniversary issue! 



  1. Arnold August 02, 2010

    Hey Alex,

    I’ll definitely send you a copy with your order, just be sure to click on “accepts marketing” b4 you check out,thanks!
  2. alex stensberg August 01, 2010

    i’m going to be making an order real soon (within today) and was wondering if i could get a copy of this along with my order?


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