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Step Up 3D In Theaters August 6, 2010 Already Causing A Dance Fever!

Posted by ARNOLD YU on August 03, 2010.

The third installment of the Step Up film series is coming soon to theaters on August 6, 2010. Other than the fact that we here at love all types of dance – we are especially excited for the 3rd film for another reason. The Step Up 3D features some tight new LED outfits that bring dance to a whole other level!

In the movie trailer below, you’ll see the crews sporting specially customized LED outfits. This is the hottest new trend right now, and you can find outfits of every kind (hats, shirts, shoes, even under wear) decorated with LED lights. 



If you’re a true dance lover, and want to see how glow technology can enhance dance in a way that you never thought possible, get yourself to the nearest theater this August 6th and check out Step Up 3D – you won’t want to miss it! 



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