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Learn How To Make Your Own Glow Stick At

Posted by ARNOLD YU on September 15, 2010.

For those of you that missed it, Lifehacker had a really great post a couple of days ago on “The Science Behind Glowsticks.”  I did a post awhile back on How Glow Sticks Work, and if you thought reading about it was interesting, wait till you see this video! The masked voice of the narrator might be a little too Darth Vader, and kind of distracting, but for the most part, we think this is a great way to illustrate how scientists come up with the “glow” in “glowsticks”.   

Note: making glow sticks at home can be more costly than purchasing them, and always be careful if handling hazardous chemicals! 


How to Make Your Own Glow Stick



  1. mo xiong rose July 29, 2011

    i love glowey thing and there awesome

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