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Celebrate July 4, 2013 By Making Yourself Glow With Products From

Posted by ARNOLD YU on July 02, 2012.

As this year's Independence Day is coming up on Wednesday, complement all those spectacular fireworks with glow sticks and other glow products.  In addition to the light show you'll see in the air or sky, create your own works of wonder with glow sticks from  Make sure you don't shoot fireworks near people by keeping glow sticks on you at all times. Glowsticks can be used as a fun accessory for all the fireworks you will experience on July 4th.  

Also show off your patriotism by wearing the cool red, white, and blue tri-color necklaces or walk around with the red, white, and blue Street Lights!  These glow products will have any child or adult glowing throughout the night.   Remember all of us at care for your safety so make sure you play with fireworks responsibly and utilize glow sticks for more fun. Relax this Independence Day with all the sights, sounds, and lights. 

Red, White, Blue Streetlight



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