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3 Color RGB Rav'N Bullet Lights - Purple - Orange - Green

Never heard of Rav’N Bullet Lights or thought they were discontinued? Well, found them especially for you, at an amazing price. People have been asking and searching for these lights for a very long time, so came to the rescue. These Rav’N Bullet lights sell for $80.00 for 5 pieces at raves or other music festivals, but you can get it here at for more than 50% off! These lights are sure to please any and all fans who enjoy your light shows. These lights are specialty items, and you can hear people talking about how great they are in all the forums. The problem is that they are nearly impossible to find online! That’s why you should get on now and order your Rav’n Bullet Lights- they’ve been selling fast, and soon you’ll understand what everyone is Rav’N about!


  • Ultra bright bulb – can view for up to 1 mile!
  • 100,000 hour lifetime
  • Up to 10X longer battery life than regular bulbs
  • Easy to change AG 13 Batteries for use again and again!
  • 2” long by x ¾”and includes 3 AG-13 Batteries!


  • Individual piece


  • Shipped in 1 business day
  • Free Standard Ground Shipping on all orders over $20
  • $5 Shipping & Handling charge apply for all orders under $20
  • Carefully packed with bubble wrap and peanuts packaging
  • Tracking number automatically emailed to you when shipping label is created

Purchase from our store will appear as BLACKROCK HOLDING CORP on your credit card


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