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Color Changing LED Rave Lights

From $5.99 - $35.00

Of the new photon key chain rave lights i came across, I like this one. This key chain has three light bulbs inside: blue, red, and green. As you perform a light show, the LED color will automatically blink or change color slow and smoothly. Whats amazing is that the frequency of color changing and blinking will change as well. At times, all three colors will be visible. Sometimes, you will be able to see a purple, white, orange light made from the optical illusion of combining the red, blue, and green lights. You can see it in the two pictures that his rave light is able to enhance your average visual light show. In the first light show pictures, i used one color changing LED rave lights in each hand. In the second picture, I used one of these key chain LED lights on my right hand and a white mini LED flashlight (available at on my right hand in the last demo pictures.


  • 3 color LED light bulbs in one key chain
  • The 3 color lights can sometimes create other visible color because of optical illusion as demonstrated in the pictures.
  • Color of the body does not have anything to do with LED lights color
  • Metal frame to provide further protection for the LED lights
  • Dimension: 1.75" X 1.25"
  • Use CR2016 lithium batteries (available at


  • Individual piece


  • Shipped in 1 business day
  • Free Standard Ground Shipping on all orders over $20
  • $5 Shipping & Handling charge apply for all orders under $20
  • Carefully packed with bubble wrap and peanuts packaging
  • Tracking number automatically emailed to you when shipping label is created

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